Heather Taylor

Media Director

Dog sketch

Dog lover

Tooth Sketch

Never had a cavity (knock on wood!)

Subway sketch

pretty good at navigating NYC's Subway

Hand sketch

Resident hand model


University of Georgia
Major: BA in Advertising


Coffee with Whiskey


Assistant to the Head Master of Hogwarts

Heather began her career in corporate marketing, managing campaigns for national restaurant brands. After honing her skills on the client side, she joined Marbury Creative Group in 2012. Heather is the resident “grammarian” since she actually paid attention in English classes. She’s also the agency’s foodie. Have a spelling or syntax question? Want to know which local dive has the best falafel? Give her a shout!

As Account Director with an emphasis on Food and Beverage, Heather leads accounts like Spice World, Mizkan, and Morrison Healthcare. With over 15 years experience in the industry, Heather possesses a keen eye for detail while building successful and memorable campaigns. Most importantly, Heather focuses on building strong client partnerships based on trust while collaborating to grow their business.

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