Come Alive in Lawrenceville - New Life to a City Brand

The City of Lawrenceville, GA, is experiencing phenomenal growth and—like a tight pair of slacks—has subsequently “outgrown” their brand. The things they stood for 10 or even 5 years ago have shifted with their community, so, as a result, their brand positioning needed to catch up! But it’s not just about the city’s municipal identity; it’s more about how they breathe life into and talk about their new venues, businesses, and the diversity of their bustling community. So, after taking note of the special things that make Lawrenceville unique, we summed it all up by creating a brand new tagline for them: “Come ALIVE in Lawrenceville!” Since then, the new slogan and mark have popped up all around town on their ads, signage, and even big construction zone banners. Guess it’s safe to say Lawrencville is “building” quite the reputation!

Additional Logo Concepts

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