“Can” we Draw it?
Yes we “Can.”

We loved working with Red Hare for about 3 years as they started out as Atlanta’s 5th craft brewery. The logo was designed, and the concept of “the Red Hare” as a character existed — but the owner and brewmaster asked us to help bring their cans to life with a story behind the character, and the ability to put him in different poses. Our favorite projects revolved around designing the labels — and in many cases, naming the beer based on hop profiles, trends and taste tests (OK, the taste tests may have been our favorite part). Our Art Director, Carol Armitage is an amazing illustrator and we created a number of labels for them — three of which are shown here.

Note that they have since changed direction, opting out of the “cartoon hare” for a more general (yet pretty) design in an attempt to disuade children from trying the beer. Yeah…really.

All that said, we do love Red Hare and will always be a fan…because we “can.”

Red Hare packaging
Red Hare swag
Red Hare Swag

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