Two Do's & A Not To Do

Sometimes the dynamic world of marketing and creativity can be difficult to navigate, but luckily we know a few people who know a thing or two about it! Introducing our bite-sized series showcasing the often overlooked do’s and don’ts of: branding, strategy, digital, social, experiential, photo, and video… whew!

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Analytics are valuable— as are these tips from our Executive VP, Shelly. You won’t find any outliers here!

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Brand Positioning

Our fearless leader, Rob Marbury, sheds some light on what brands SHOULD be focused on, and of course, one thing they SHOULDN’T.

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John, our VP of production and technology, knows just how important all five of the senses are when it comes to marketing your brand or business. After this video, you will, too!

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Making Content

It can be downright difficult to come up with content! Luckily, our social media specialist Marissa, has been around the block (and the TikTok) before.

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Surfing the web for some good SEO advice? Well, lucky for you, the search is over thanks to our web specialist, Nina!

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What do you get when you cross a tricky topic with Stacy, our VP of strategy? Only some of the best advice around! (You can trust us; it’s a full-proof strategy.)

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Our copywriter, Sam, knows a thing or two about taglines. In fact, this episode has one of its own: “Great advice, without the price”!

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Tile Design

There’s much more to a social media post than a pretty picture and a witty headline. In fact, if anyone could tell you, it’s our graphic designer and animator, Grace!

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Trade Shows

You get incredible advice from our senior art director, Carol, and we get to see better booths at trade shows. Sounds like fair trade to us!

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Lights, camera, ADVICE. Our visual media coordinator, Sam, will fill you in on some helpful tips for behind the camera. It’s okay to grab some popcorn!

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You can’t trust all the advice out there, but you sure CAN trust our resident Web-Wiz Dave on all things on the net and the do’s and don’ts of internet etiquette.

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