Your Resolution for Advertising Solutions

With another year coming to a close, we begin to think about those New Year’s resolutions that we hope to stick to for more than a week. It marks our annual reminder to assess, address, and, in this case, suggest all we’ve learned in the past few months and steps for success in the coming new year. Now, while we can’t expertly recommend a diet regimen or a workout routine, we can fill you in on the marketing trends you can expect to see in 2024 and some helpful tips for how to effectively execute them. Like any resolution, none is guaranteed to last, but here are some trending patterns we’ve noticed will make up a large part of marketing efforts next year. Here’s to hoping we keep these afloat a little longer than our own personal resolutions…

AI Isn’t Going Anywhere

Thrown around more than confetti at a New Year’s Eve party, artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the industry’s new favorite buzzword. In 2023, we’ve seen it utilized by major brands like Spotify, with a personalized DJ powered by AI, or even Coca-Cola making use of it to create a visual identity for a futuristic fizzy drink. There’s no denying that artificial intelligence can become overwhelming and alarming with the notion of it minimizing the need for human interaction, or worse, replacing it all together.

But allow us to be the first to say—that won’t happen. We expect artificial intelligence to continue emerging as an incredibly beneficial marketing tool. It is already phenomenal at getting the creative gears turning, using it as inspiration for a conversation or an outline, or simply turbocharging your research. However, the key will be allowing it to inform your content and being careful not to lose your distinctively human voice in the process.

AR Marketing is More Accessible

Along with the advancement of AI, augmented reality (AR) is set to redefine the marketing landscape in 2024. Technological advancements have paved the way for its accessibility, allowing advertisers to seamlessly integrate AR experiences into their creative and marketing strategies, creating even more immersive brand experiences. AR allows consumers to visualize products in real-time, blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds, and the potential is vast, from seeing how a cardigan or some swim trunks look on the wearer to determining how a dining room table feels alongside that horrendous oriental rug. Heck, our client Thomas Eye Group is utilizing AR, allowing customers to try on virtual eyeglass frames, providing a personalized touch that resonates and is interesting! The possibilities for innovative and engaging AR marketing experiences appear endless, making it a major trend to watch in the coming year.

Video Content is Getting Shorter

It seems as though 2024 will be another year focused on brevity, where short-form video content will become more and more popular. The ever-growing popularity of TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels has piqued the interest of ambitious advertisers as more people begin to consume content on their mobile devices. But, while the amount and accessibility of content grows, the attention span of scrolling consumers is getting smaller. Like every year, our job as marketers is to breakthrough and create meaningful connections to drive behavior—only this time it’s looking to be much more effective with straightforward, bite-sized video content as it resonates with the fast-paced lifestyles of today’s young consumers.

Social Media Calls for Authenticity

When it comes to the world of social media marketing, the spotlight is shining brighter than ever on authenticity. With the emergence of new platforms and types of content in 2024, brands are going to have to recognize a need to connect with audiences on a more genuine level. This shift stems from targeting Gen Z, a demographic growing its share of purchasing power, as they seem to be eagle-eyed at spotting paid promotions. However, even the most engaging influencers may lose credibility with their audience if their endorsements lack sincerity. Being authentic doesn’t mean toning down the production value, staging, or make-up; it calls for sincere enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter. A genuine interest in what you are showing off resonates ridiculously well—it’s simply contagious! (Not unlike that yearly flu…)

Each year brings with it a fair share of unknowns, whether it be global events or new technological advances (cough-cough–AI). But, while our resolutions and unrealized gym memberships may wane, let’s raise a New Year’s toast to these marketing trends that promise to stick around a little longer in 2024. From the relentless rise of AI and AR to authentic short-form content, a little awareness and know-how can set your marketing strategies apart and audiences captivated—well, at least until next year. Don’t worry, we will have you covered then too. Cheers to a successful 2024!

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