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Capri-ese and Quiet

School is back in session, and parents everywhere are doing a silent victory dance for the return of their daily “quiet hours”—that is, until the school bus inevitably returns the noise.


It’s no secret kids want to be heard (heck, they’ll tell you), but their preferred brand of juice pouches, Capri Sun®, has developed a “new” way of shutting them up… for about 50 seconds. Packaged up like a pair of fancy headphones, the “Kid Noise-Canceling Juice Drink” is Capri Sun’s latest stunt in a social-first campaign aimed at overworked parents.


The sleek box contains not one but two Capri Suns to act as a parachute for overloaded parents because, as they’ve found, it’s hard for children to jabber with a straw in their mouth. Amidst the return-to-class chaos, Capri Sun’s idea of giving parents well-deserved peace and quiet is an interesting take that should stand out in the oversaturated market of “back-to-school” savings campaigns.


I mean we’ve gotta hand it to ’em—as much as we adore the little tykes, the value of 50 seconds without their boundless energy is as almost like winning the parental jackpot.

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