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Down, Set…Line?!

We’ve all witnessed those gravity-defying catches and mind-boggling comebacks of the NFL and thought, at least once—did they hire Shakespere to script this stuff?


This year, the league is leaning into OUTRAGEOUSNESS in a tongue-in-cheek way to generate excitement about the upcoming season in their ”You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” campaign. The spots feature comedian turned “director” Keegan-Michael Key and the star-studded cast of NFL players at table reads and pitch sessions for situations and moments more shocking than your favorite soap opera twist.


Whether it’s sparks flying between Travis Kelcee’s mother and Jimmy Garoppolo or Jamarr Chase celebrating a TD on a literal Bengal Tiger, it’s clear the NFL wants to squash any scripted speculation before things kick off later this week. But what makes the concept interesting is how it makes use of the marketing trend of audiences craving authenticity from their favorite brands by slapping it in the face.


Now, if only we could just see the same from the people of “Pawn Stars”…

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