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Declining While Reclining

Let’s face it—there are plans we regret making. Luckily, we can now entrust A.I. to come up with our cancellation alibi as we relax (cheeto-dusted) in a La-Z-Boy.


When canceling plans, forget the creative exit strategy and just leave it to La-Z-Boy’s latest laziest innovation: “The Decliner.” This unproductive prototype is an A.I.-powered recliner that, you guessed it, generates a cancellation excuse when you pull the handle. La-Z-Boy will be giving away three “Decliners” to flaky fanatics who explain why they prefer a little FOMO.


Leaning into the A.I. boom and underlying self-care mindset we’ve seen since COVID, La-Z-Boy is hoping to resonate with a more modern audience and recline…er…reclaim the term “lazy.” We’ve seen similar revamps in the industry as brands look to engage with A.I. to reach new consumers, but for a campaign about LAZINESS, this one is sure putting in the work!


That being said, if you receive one of these excuses, don’t get too uptight about it. It’s coming from someone who’s lazy after all…

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