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Out of Home and In Your Face


The latest trend in marketing spend isn’t on influencers or podcasts but rather on 3D billboards that feature jaw-dropping imagery that would put a tech geek into a coma—that is, if you can afford it.


Following the viral and global success of a 3D billboard in Tokyo, other luxe brands have dipped into their pockets to cash in on the hype and effectiveness of giant, immersive LED billboards. Whether it’s dust kicked back from a revving BMW or a Pokémon peeking its head out over busy streets, it’s clear the potential for these ads to capture attention is limitless; however, there are a few drawbacks that don’t quite ‘pop’ as much.


It gets costly & complex quickly, with just a handful of advertisers daring to embrace this cutting-edge medium and the need for specialized curved or boxed screens. Because of the constrained space and cost considerations, these 3D boards will remain a rare sight outside major urban hubs like NYC or London. (Sorry, friends in Kansas.) But this isn’t to say that we won’t be seeing them. No, in fact, digital out-of-home ad spend is expected to increase by 7% this year thanks to 3D tech!


Hey, we will give credit where credit is due; the out-of-home media industry has felt a little flat.

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