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The Vote to Work Remote

There’s nothing quite like the cat cameos, muted monologues, or the “I’m sorry, no, you go” tango that we’re all accustomed to when we work from home.


While some companies have gotten comfortable with this routine, others are desperate for a change, including Zoom—the one that powered the telecommuting cult. In an ironic twist, Zoom has mandated a structured hybrid approach for employees that live close to an office to come in at least twice a week.


They aren’t the only technology company making changes either, as Google, Amazon, and Salesforce have enacted similar policies. (We’ve heard of a remote getaway, but this is ridiculous.) While everyone loves the opportunity to work from home pantsless, it’s clear many businesses are moving from fully remote towards a hybrid structure, expecting increased efficiency, productivity, and, of course, profitability.


With businesses trending in this direction, it’s important to consider the outcomes from a marketing perspective, as the decision to drastically change your current structure might impact the public perception that clients and employees have of a company.


Personally, we love going into the office four days a week, although there is something special about the awkward silence of telling a bad joke over a Zoom call…

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