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A Meow-Ment for the ’90s

On paper, the idea of remixing the iconic Meow Mix jingle with the likes of NSYNC seems silly and absurd, but dang it…if it isn’t cat-chy!


Yes, Meow Mix is back with a new rendition of their one-word kitty ditty, only this time it’s leaning heavily into the boy band phenomenon of the 90s, featuring pouring rain, choreography, and a whole lot of denim. Complete with digital and social executions on TikTok, the ‘Tabby 5’ (AKA the replacements for that ceiling poster of JT) are joined by NSYNC’s JC Chasez to spread the literal word for a new line of wet cat food.


Meow Mix is joining the ranks of other brands taking advantage of nostalgia for iconic pop culture relics of the past decade, only this time it’s purr-sonal. Recently, the parent brand, J.M. Smucker has sold a number of their other pet food brands, meaning an increased risk and focus to stand out in the increasingly competitive pet food sector.


We’d argue they are on the right track, you know, getting cats to sing and dance about food. But maybe the next step is to teach them where to leave the dirty dishes!

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