Cold Brews to Boat Shoes

There are a few necessities when out on the open water: a capable captain, a trusty anchor, ice-cold beer, and those boat shoes you thought you’d wear a lot more.


While it’s not every day that we passenger a pontoon, the iconic shoe brand Sperry has decided to partner up with boating beverage Natural Light to offer a new way to sip beer on a boat. Introducing the “Brewzie,” an up-cycled, eco-friendly beer holster made from, you guessed it, your old sea-sprayed Sperry’s.


Posted as a sweepstakes on Natural Light’s Instagram, winners can send in their Sperry’s for a water-crafted koozie that uses the shoes’s traction technology to keep your beverage upright as you (and the boat) get tipsy. The two brands are hoping to reel in the attention of sustainably-conscious consumers by focusing on the item’s environmentally friendly nature as the fashion industry faces criticism for its less-than-green practices.


But we can’t help but wonder what a “Brewzie” would look like if you wore a men’s size 18…

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