DVD Marketing Minute

From Touch Screen to Redbox

There’s a chance that next time you’re deciding between renting Frozen 2 or Footloose, you could also be catching on to the latest dancing trend.


As a significant nail in Blockbuster’s coffin, Redbox hopes to not fall victim to the same out-of-date fate by partnering with the hippest platform around—TikTok. Soon, more than 3,000 U.S. Redbox kiosks will display TikTok videos in grocery stores and retailers. (And, if we’re lucky, will resurge the shopping mall flash mob.)


With TikTok being skewed towards the younger streaming audience and Redbox having an old-school DVD-playing crowd, this activation could have some merit. We think this is a genius way for TikTok and Redbox to cross-promote while offering a new avenue of ad space for other interested brands.


Although we’re still not sure what’s scarier, TikTok’s pinpointed algorithm or discovering a lost Redbox disk in your couch cushions.

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