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Seltzer Marketing Minute

A Truly Weightless Activation

There are some places we’d love a hard seltzer, like at the beach or belting Katy Perry at a karaoke bar, and then there are others we wouldn’t—like in zero gravity on a Boeing 727.


Arguably the most honest of alcoholic seltzer brands, Truly, is offering the first ever anti-gravity drinking experience aboard their Truly Zero Gravity Bar. Consumers can enter a sweepstakes describing how Truly makes them feel “lightly fantastic” for a chance to float with some fruit flavored beverages 32,000 feet in the air for approximately 7 minutes. (Hey, maybe drinking’s easier in zero-grav…)


Keying in on their “Light, fun and joyful” brand positioning, Truly is hoping to break through the increasingly crowded hard seltzer shelves. We’ve seen marketers returning to more experimental tactics post-pandemic, but we will soon see if this activation is a success or if folks prefer something a little more down to Earth.


Who knows, it could be a matter of time before White Claw announces they’re defying the claws of gravity.

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