Cow Marketing Minute

Moo-ving to Mobile Gaming

We’ve had it up to here with restaurant apps that have no pizzazz, no incentive, and most importantly, no revenge-related gameplay!


Leave it to Chick-fil-A and their mooing mascots to launch a mobile game, Code Moo, that involves taking down a burger corporation who, for lack of a better term, they’ve got some real beef with. To boost their loyalty program, Chick-fil-A will be dishing out 2.5 million food rewards each week to players who complete challenges for the cows with questionable, albeit impressive, writing skills. 


The promotion is even backed with several commercials, cow-themed merch, and an animated short film releasing later this week. We’ve actually seen a lot of other brands doubling down on their rewards program to get sign-ups as third-party data is getting increasingly harder to track. So, is this all some elaborate scheme to garner valuable consumer insights… or is Chick-fil-A simply playing nice with udders?


At any rate, we’d like to hear the chicken’s side of the story.

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