Pepsi Marketing Minute

Pepsi’s Saucy Swing


Forget the peanuts and Cracker Jacks; there’s a new concession condiment headed to ballparks, and it’s a bit fizzier than usual.


Yes, they did it. Pepsi Colachup— A sweet-but-tangy sauce that combines the taste of everyone’s favorite frankfurter flavoring (ketchup) with everyone’s favorite (okay, maybe second favorite) cola, Pepsi. Just in time for the hottest hotdog holiday, July 4th, Pepsi hopes to further position themselves as the preferred soft drink pairing, building upon their #BetterWithPepsi platform.


While this idea may sound like a foul ball, it actually comes with some masterful merit. They’ve teamed-up with MLB stadiums, gotten saucy recipe input from the Culinary Institute of America, and a big-time celebrity endorsement from the king of wolfing down wieners, Joey Chestnut. It makes sense Pepsi would be pulling out the big buns, as we tend to see more food and beverage marketing pushes aligned with the summer holiday season. (We’re guilty as charged!)


But, we still think this has potential to be a home run. How about you?

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