Pizza Marketing Minute

A Precise Pizzaria

We are entering an exciting new era where you can finally get a pizza delivered directly to you at the beach, park, or Pyramids of Giza.


Domino’s might just be topping the competition when it comes to pizza innovation with their new “Pinpoint Delivery” technology that allows customers to drop a pin for delivery rather than a traditional address. By expanding the capabilities of their “Hotspot” software and leveraging Google Maps, Domino’s hopes to make delivery more seamless for the casual consumer (or undercover cops).


Even accompanied by an ad campaign of literal pie falling from the sky, the pizzeria wants to convey the message that getting a pizza should be, well, easy cheesy. It’s interesting to see that this trend of customer convenience is still a top priority among food and beverage brands. In fact, it’s something we make use of all the time for our clients with convenient products.


But wherever the trend heads, we’re just hoping we see more pizza delivery trucks with off-roading capabilities—that or nitro speed.

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