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IKEA Marketing Minute

Augmented Reality With Some Baggage

The streets of New York, Texas, and Chicago are getting something big, blue, and bulky with the latest out-of-home stunt from the Disney World of double beds—IKEA.


Fit for a Gozilla-sized dining room set, a 19-foot model of IKEA’s iconic Frakta bulk bag will be on display for passersby to see what they can… well… BUY! This hyperbolic ode to the bag’s legendary capacity is sparked by QR codes that, when scanned, will unlock an augmented reality experience showing off exclusive offers as items “fly” out of the bag. (We geek out over creative like this and are even making some headway with our most innovative clients.)


As the weather gets warmer, IKEA is joining the ranks of other brands aiming to reach consumers outdoors through immersive experiences. This one, however, is a little different, with IKEA being the first major retailer to embrace Adobe’s Aero Geospatial software, using geolocation technology to bring these immersive experiences to real-world locations.


Sure, it’s impressive, but so is getting through an IKEA desk assembly without swearing at Swedish plywood.

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