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Marketing: It’s All About the “Feels”

There’s an adage my mentor shared with me years ago: “It’s not what you SAY to customers. It’s how you make them FEEL that counts.”

Think about the last product you purchased. Why did you purchase it? How did you feel after you purchased it? How do you still feel about the product?

In the age of instant access to product reviews and social media insight into the latest products and services, most consumers enter into a purchasing situation already well informed and are either ready to buy or on the fence. So how do you make them pull the trigger on your product?Woman smiling

Be the center of attention

If you’re at a party and stand quietly in the corner, you have zero chance of making a connection. If, however, you stand in the middle of the room wearing something a little bright, or chime in on the conversation, you’ve just greatly increased your chances of striking up a connection. The same idea applies to selling your product. Chances are, you are in a crowded space. Make you and your product impossible to ignore! GET ATTENTION.

Give them what they want

Nearly every purchase made has an element of “want” to it. After identifying your target audience, the next most important step you should take in your marketing strategy is identifying what your audience wants and how your product can satisfy that want. Look at your features and prioritize them. Which one feature can your customers envision themselves using in a way that betters their life? THAT MAKES IT RELEVANT. Once you’ve identified that feature, create an ad, social media post, or a video with that relevance squarely in the spotlight. Make sure you use “you” more than “we” in your messaging, because — guess what — we all only care about “what’s in it for me?”

Give them the facts after giving them the feels

People buy on emotion, plain and simple. Sure, some of us will do our research before showing up at the store or adding something to our online shopping cart, but every time we buy something, we’ve emotionally invested ourselves to some extent. To clinch those who like to research before purchasing, make sure that your product or service feature and benefits are clearly laid out and easy-to-find online. Again, remember to describe everything in a way that leaves your consumer no choice but to decide they need your product. The fact that they’re visiting your website or social media platform means they’ve already dipped their toes in your water. Now that they’ve emotionally bought in, you can provide the logic to convince them their feeling is justifiable. MOTIVATE them to close the deal and buy!

Convert your fans into your spokespeople

It’s one thing for a company to sing its praises and try to convince you to purchase their product. It’s another thing entirely when numerous strangers are all telling you a product is worth every penny. If you’ve done your homework and built that vital emotional connection with your customers, they will become your own personal army of grassroots marketers! We call the BRAND AMBASSADORS. Thanks to social media and online reviews, customers can sing your praises all over the internet and anyone considering your product will have that added level of information to convince them their decision to purchase is not only going to make them feel good, but it’s helped others, too. It’s a smart move. (Check out our next blog on how to ramp up your social media in 2018 for helpful tips on utilizing social media within your customer base!)

As you head into 2018, commit to making this the year you kick your marketing into high gear. Got questions about how to do that? We would love to help you! Shoot us an email at and let us know how we can partner with you to bring the “feels” to your marketing this year.



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