Word Up to Merriam-Webster

The English language has never been healthier, and spelling bees have never been hipper— “Your word is ‘bussin’.”


Last month, one of the best-selling books in American history, the Merriam-Webster dictionary, zhuzhed its pages to include 690 new words. Now we finally have reliable definitions for some of our favorite terms, including padawan, doggo, and perhaps most notably, jorts—you know, jean shorts!


NGL (not gonna lie), we’re amazed at the sheer amount of fresh vocabulary added. In fact, this may be the most GOATED list of modern times, offering us a brand new lens into the way the world talks today. For us marketers, this is a chef’s kiss, as it gives us a chance to pick up on the latest words and slang that we can work into our copy and better resonate with ever-changing audiences.


So, the question is: did we go beast mode, or is this Marketing Minute just mid?


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