This is an M&M-ergency

The only thing scarier than ghouls on Halloween are angry trick-or-treaters plotting revenge for when you inevitably come up empty when handing out candy.


If you run out of sweets, instead of turning off your lights, boarding up your windows, and notifying the local fire department, you can now call upon M&M’s® and Gopuff® to deliver more deliciousness on demand. M&M’s Halloween Rescue Squad—the Ghostbusters equivalent when possessed by poor planning—allows consumers to order more candy with a guaranteed delivery time of 30–60 minutes.


We’ve seen more and more CPG companies experimenting with “by request” models, keeping up with expectations of convenience since the pandemic. So it makes sense that M&M’s is targeting Halloween planners who underestimate doorbell dings, as about half of US shoppers have expressed concerns about a shortage of candies.


And, hey, we get it—there’s nothing more humiliating than cleaning up egg shells and toilet paper thrown by an angry mob of sweet-toothed Minions.

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