Everything Old is Pursued Again

Depending on how you look at it, “Netflix and Chill” is about to get a whole lot more awkward…

or entertaining!


Netflix, the not-so-silent assassin of video rental stores, has recently announced they will be breaking ground on brick-and-mortar locations—what a BLOCKBUSTER idea! Yes, it seems the nostalgic movie rental experience might be returning as Netflix gears up to offer retail, dining, and live entertainment with the future opening of a network of physical stores called “Netflix House.”


There is this new emerging trend of successful online brands appearing in physical spaces, with Amazon being implemented into Whole Foods locations and Netflix themselves creating pop-up restaurants and retail fronts based off their popular TV shows and films. Where it gets interesting is how oddly similar this venture feels to a certain colossal company with a certain mouse mascot. Is this just a weird experiment as Netflix moves towards a Disney-like existence, or are they simply making up for the downfall of their movie-renting forefathers?


For us, we’re giving it the lifespan of a typical Netflix original.


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