That Tweet Will Cost Ya

Evidently, the term “Penny for Your Thoughts” doesn’t sit quite right with Elon Musk.


X, formally known as Twitter, is introducing a new subscription model that allows users to access its key features (retweeting, liking, etc.) for 99 cents a year—not exactly the change we were expecting. With hopes that a paywall will deter spammers from accessing the platform, the fee is being piloted in New Zealand and the Philippines, aiming to strike a balance between accessibility and lessening malicious activity and fake accounts without being a “profit-driven endeavor.” (Suuure Elon, sure.)


It seems the consensus among active users is that they are willing to fork over the coinage, potentially setting a precedent for other social media platforms to follow suit. We’ve already begun to see it, with Snapchat giving users the option to revive a lost “Snap Streak” for a dollar. Personally, we’d rather save that for a rainy day than spend it on our social media habits.


But, that’s just our two cents.

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