Hushing the Crunching

In the thick of an online multiplayer battle, apparently the only sound worse than “Game Over” is the chomping of chips.


The triangular treat manufacturer, Doritos®, has listened to the “hunger pains” of competitive gamers about how hearing players eat over the mic impedes their high score and performance. So, to alleviate the food frustrations, they are rolling out a new AI-powered ‘crunch-cancellation’ technology to silence the snacking at the push of a button. In the wake of the AI boom and the sophistication of noise-canceling tech, Doritos is hoping to reach the 80% of Gen Z and millennials who view themselves as gamers with this simple mic-filter to lessen munching madness. 


We’ve seen plenty of brands make use of AI, but now we are starting to see a lot more marketers ramp up efforts towards PC gamers—who tend to be more invested in gaming than casual players. It’s clear that this demographic holds value, and with the trendiness of artificial-intelligence, we can see why these tactics are gaining traction.


Now it’s only a matter of time before we have AI-powered wet wipes for those nacho cheese-dusted fingers.

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