Duped by Snoop

After a slow buildup, Snoop Dogg sure pulled a fast one on us—even without the use of smoke or mirrors.


Earlier this month, the marijuana maestro, Snoop Dogg, shocked fans with a cryptic pledge on social media, claiming he was “giving up smoke.” As it turns out, the ploy wasn’t as half-baked as we thought, with a reveal that it was all a stunt for his new partnership with the smokeless fire pit brand, Solo Stove®.


Assumed by many that the rapper was turning a new leaf, with legitimate worry from the public and consultation from his family, the statement quickly sparked up and went viral on social media. So, when the announcement turned out to be a teaser for his latest venture as a brand ambassador, many started to see through the haze.


It goes to show that the right product, right ambassador, and right timing can lead to some dope creativity.

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