A Re-VAMP-ed Influencer Campaign

Featured Project

As it turns out, the biggest pain in the neck for vampires is finding quality garlic!

People often think vampires hate garlic, but it’s actually because they’ve never had GREAT garlic! That’s why we’ve resurrected our seasonal influencer, Vicky D. In a series of videos she squashed the spooky stigma for her favorite garlic brand—Spice World®.


Vicky is a fun-loving vampire, doing everything she can to be an honest-to-goodness “American Mom”… well, as much as anyone could with pointy teeth and an aversion to sunlight. After conjuring up excitement with eight Vicky videos, a spooktacular giveaway, and a landing page with tasty recipes, we’re pleased to say it’s led to some scary good statistics!

Fang-tastic Findings

In just the month of October, our supernatural series was met with some eerily exciting engagement on both Instagram and Facebook. Garlic lovers (vampires or otherwise) connected in the comments on what makes Spice World simply to DIE for with over 1,500 giveaway entries and over 400 new followers. Who would’ve guessed garlic could make people so batty?
It’s not too late for YOU to get in on the ghoulish giveaway. Check out Spice World on Facebook and Instagram and take a stab at it yourself!



vicky videos






Lucky Winner

Sink your teeth into ALL of the Vicky D. videos here!

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