AI ads Marketing Minute


The AI software that can write a limerick about Cheetos in the style of Hemingway has officially made its way into advertising. Ryan Reynolds’ latest Mint Mobile ad centers around a script written by chatbot and threat to job security, ChatGPT. Claiming to be the “first ad” to use ChatGPT, Reynolds reads the robot-written lines and finds them eerily chilling as they nail each of his prompt cues. While this ploy may come across as more of a stunt, it certainly shows how AI is already proving to be a major trend in marketing this year. In fact, we will likely see more marketers experimenting with ChatGPT and other AI software as serious marketing tools. Why? Their early attraction and potential to automate creative work could save some serious time and money for those in the marketing field. The ethicality of it is still up in the air, but at least we can all agree that the opposite of artificial intelligence is real stupid.

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