Chile Marketing Minute

An Aromatic State

Okay, now that chile-scented candle might be a good idea.

New Mexico has become the first U.S. state to legislate an official aroma: green chiles roasting in the fall. This sweetly smoked scent was the idea of an elementary school student when a senator came to visit and teach them about state symbols. The talk shifted from black bears to chile peppers (as conversations often do in New Mexico), and soon a Senate vote was held with a hefty majority in favor of the fragrance.

Now brand scents are nothing new, like the corporate aroma of an Abercrombie or Ritz-Carlton. That’s why New Mexico is hopeful that signing this law could lead to a whiff of profit from tourists by swaying chile connoisseurs from Colorado, who also claim to be the homeland of hot green peppers.

We’ll probably see more states follow suit—considering the price tag and how much better the Georgia peach smells.

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