Influencer Marketing Minute

The Influence of an Influencer

This just in: soothing British narration is nowhere near as effective as social media stardom when it comes to impacting sustainability choices. 

Now, before you say, “Poppycock!“, a study, backed by Unilever and the Behavioral Insights Team (BIT), brings up some interesting perspectives. After surveying 6,000 participants across the US, UK, and Canada, the team found that 78% of people were more likely to adopt sustainable behaviors after viewing influencer’s social content, beating out TV documentaries (48%), news articles (37%), and government campaigns (20%—sorry, Uncle Sam).

This study reinforces the power influencers have in a time of media suspicion, where brands can effectively leverage direct, immediate, and dependable content to drive environmental change. The best news is we can finally answer the age-old question:

How much influence could an influencer influence if an influencer…

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