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Hot dog Marketing Minute

The Wurst Wedding

Weddings are beautiful ceremonies that all can relish in, but if that’s not your thing, there’s another option that involves more ketchup and mustard.

Reinspired by romance, the iconic Oscar Mayer “Weinermobile” has become a limited-time wedding chapel in Las Vegas. As part of their “Keep it Oscar” platform, the brand hopes to tap into the stress couples feel about weddings with a lighthearted, cost-friendly, and (quite frankly) delicious alternative to saying “I do.”

Oscar Mayer seems to have caught the bouquet, joining a number of other brands that have had their hand in sponsoring special days—like Aldi, which had fans compete to tie the knot in one of their stores, and a Taco Bell chapel that’s been serving up everlasting love and nachos since 2017.

We’re not sure how profitable this nuptial angle is, but I guess not every wedding is going to be a weiner!

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