jack in the Box Marketing Minute

Jack In The What?

What up gamers! We’re back with more fast-paced gaming action, curly fries, and tiny tacos… Only problem is that I can’t fit my headphones over this giant head! That’s right, the terrifying kid’s toy turned quick service restaurant, Jack In The Box, has had another wound up idea – a full-time Twitch streamer. Jack In The Box held a casting call for Gamer Jack, a virtual steamer who will host weekly programming and collaborate with other streamers on the platform. (Along with the occasional reference to all-day breakfast or burgers). As the streaming medium becomes more popular, brands have started to turn to creators on the platform who have a better understanding of the types of things that stick with viewers. Jack In The Box hopes that by offering viewers a chance to claim free food and rewards, it will help them to expand their reach and stay relevant within the streaming community. Who knows, maybe Fortnite paired with a comically large puppet head is what the gaming scene has been missing.

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