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Key 4 All Marketing Minute

We’ve Heard of Ridesharing, But This is Ridiculous

MSCHF’s latest non-practical concept may be better described as glorified GTA – and it’s driving people crazy! The art and advertising collective brand, MSCHF, has been known to create viral products and generate a lot of press (Dang it, they got me), and their latest “drop” is no different. MSCHF is selling thousands of car keys with one catch – they all unlock the same car. By making use of the key fob’s tracker and an online hotline, players can hunt down this mystery machine and do, well, pretty much whatever they want with it. While this is technically a game, it’s really a meta attempt to create a nationwide social experiment for sharing. Theoretically the game could last forever, or until the car gets impounded, destroyed or I get my hands on it and finally make that trek to Alaska. At any rate, you can snag a key for yourself and start pawning off parking tickets on the next guy.

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