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Jonas Marketing Minute

JoBros Are Crushin’ It!

The age-old argument, “The Beatles or the Jonas Brothers?” now has a definitive answer—because, last we checked, McCartney and Ringo NEVER had anything to do with Candy Crush.


It seems the Jonas Brothers are the new kings of Candy Kingdom, as they’ve partnered with the mobile gaming mammoth Candy Crush to boost the hype of their upcoming album and tour. Complete with bonus Jonas content—like unreleased songs and “candified” versions of your favorite JoBro—the brothers hope to literally tap into Candy Crush’s massive user base.


For musicians, this experimentation with new avenues to reach an audience makes perfect sense, considering the phasing out of radio and the spike in streaming platforms. That being said, The Beatles could have definitely benefited from branching out—


They only had 42 platinum albums, and not a single one comes close to “Burnin’ Up.”

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