Marketing on the Road for Budget® Car & Truck Rental

Featured Project

A marketing campaign is a bit like a road trip: well planned and non-stop—except we actually prefer plenty of traffic.

When we heard Budget® Car & Truck Rental wanted to drive awareness and increase rentals at their locations throughout the US, we loaded up the ole sales suburban to roll out a geo-targeted digital campaign across the country. After setting our GPS to cover twelve cities from Salt Lake City to Atlanta, we used programmatic display, Meta, and Google Ads to steer in some real results.

Suped-Up Statistics

Over the last three months, we’ve pulled out all the stops, taking advantage of programmatic display, social media, and PPC marketing to get some heads turning. We buckled up with over 3.6 million impressions across all 12 cities and above average click-through rates, with a standout Google Ads CTR of 11.38%. (Almost quadruple the benchmark!)

Location marketing can get tricky with the different demographics, but it just goes to show how you can really hit the gas with a well-traveled agency!



Distinct tactics




Total Impressions


Average CTR for Google Ads

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