Two Do’s & A Not To Do

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Psst… Lean in close, because we’re gonna let you in on some marketing secrets.
(And, no, it’s not ALL
about caffeine.)

Whether it’s setting a strategy or crafting a caption, we’re well aware of how tricky the dynamic world of marketing and creativity can be. Lucky for you, we know a few people, or rather, a whole agency, who know a thing or two about a tweet or two. Introducing our bite-sized series showcasing the often overlooked do’s and don’ts of branding, strategy, digital, social, experiential, photo, and video… whew! So without further “to-do” here are a few tactics to keep in mind and some to, well, don’t.

Masters in Marketing

Our creative team of Marbury marketers has lent their expertise to what they know best. So, what can you expect? Well, our Web-Wiz Dave is serving up internet etiquette while our Partner & EVP, Shelly, shares some analytic ambrosia, leaving no room for outliers. Trade shows and collateral are covered with tips that engages all the senses from Senior Art Director Carol and VP of Production John. Our creative lead, Rob, sheds light on what brands should focus on and what they definitely shouldn’t, and our tagline technician, Sam, offers only the “best advice without the price!”





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