Spicing up the Holidays

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Sure, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are iconic holidays, but none of them have the same freshness, taste, or aroma as our favorite fragrant festivity: National Garlic Day.

Each April, Spice World gives us the exciting opportunity to cook up some flavorful enthusiasm on social media for their beloved bulb—garlic. So, this year we thought, “Why not create an entire garlicky season?”, we can incorporate everything we love about the holidays with everything we love about, well, garlic!

Next thing we knew, we had a plethora of posts, from Garlic Day cards and carving Garlic-O’-Lanterns to how to dye your garlic bulbs and what to leave out for Santa Cloves! The icing on the garlicky cake was a giveaway of $500 and a year’s worth of Spice World products that ended on National Garlic Day—which also happens to be the founder of Spice World’s birthday! (Talk about a recipe for success!)

Sums of the Savory Season

In just a week-and-a-half, our pungent posts were met with some excited engagement on both Instagram and Facebook. As garlic lovers connected in the comments over their shared passion for this new smelly season, our Garlicky Grand Prize left taste buds tingling in anticipation with over 6,400 entries and 1,811 new followers! Who would’ve guessed there are so many garlic heads out there? The campaign and giveaway proved that garlic isn’t just an ingredient, but a scent worth celebrating for a whole season.






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Just remember to be a good cook and use a heaping amount of garlic this year—because, as you know, Santa Cloves is watching you

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