Deepfakes That Don’t Look It

Deepfakes are nothing new, but they’re becoming more and more convincing every day. They’ve come so far that there’s even a TikTok account dedicated entirely to Tom Cruise deepfakes! While most of us don’t mind looking at Tom Cruise fake or not, many of them are even better than CGI footage. As deepfakes continue to […]

*Ding Ding* My Diamonds Are Ready!

Pandora (the one with the shiny jewelry, not the one with the ridiculously loud ads) is switching from earth-grown diamonds to lab-grown diamonds. Though they claim the look will be identical, the cost will be 1/3 of what common diamond practices demand, and much more responsibly sourced. In a world where Millennials and Gen-Zers forego […]

A Clubhouse Update

While brands like Spotify and Apple battle it out to see who’s got the loudest, most money-making podcast platform model, Clubhouse is proving itself more than just a phase. The invite-only audio forum has been top of mind for advertisers as it grows in popularity, mostly due to its total lack of advertisements. It’s likely […]

A B2B Approach to DSPs

Ever heard a marketer say something like, “integrated clickbate funnel synergies”? Ever wanted to punch that marketer in the face? We’re with you, and we know that when it comes to DSPs (hold your fire) the jargon begins to sound like the parents from Peanuts. But after translating our most punchable marketer’s article about DSPs, […]

Boba Tea Goes Boba-Less

With the advent of global tapioca-ball supply-chain hiccups, boba tea companies are struggling to rebrand. Chewy Boba Company might now become Company, Daboba might turn into Da, and Bubbly Boba is now Screwed. What’s the cause of this you ask? Don’t even make us say it… (It’s the Vid). Supply chains are still handicapped by […]

A Helicopter on Mars

First of all, we’d like to congratulate NASA’s recent Mars Rover, Perseverance, on her new child, Ingenuity. The kid might get made fun of in school, but you’re absolutely glowing, darling. – Perseverance held it’s helicopter winged baby in its belly for weeks before releasing it to the frozen, radiation-saturated hellscape that is Mars. Its […]

The Jungle of Your Gut Microbiome

We know what you’re thinking… “It’s about time a marketing agency wrote a blog about gut health.” We couldn’t agree more. The gut health market is skyrocketing, and it’s not powered by jet fuel, but pure. gas. Learn more about your gut microbiome, how consumers feel about it, and the products that are making the […]

New Snapchat = Virtual Changing Room

The next time you take a selfie on Snapchat, your filter options might be a puppy face, rainbows coming out of your mouth, or a $590 Gucci Canvas Bucket Hat (that you can then buy in-app). When that happens, you can thank Snap’s recent acquisition of Fit Analytics, a company that has developed technology to […]